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Three Poems by Vahan Teryan


Wan trees, naked forest...
The sad life of a mortal.
Rain, wind, black vault of heaven...
Broken-hearted weeping.

A cold light shone in the fog.
O, is a return possible?
The weak hope of a mortal,
Sad question of a dispirited heart...

The leaden cold of weak pain...
The sad life of a mortal.
Inconsolable, inexhaustible, 
The weeping of discouragement...




You wander everywhere, you are not, 
Invisible, you speak in the world, 
Suddenly, unthinkingly you murmur, you will come,
You enchant, calling, calling, and falling silent.

In the leaves of delicately scented flowers,
In the slumbering ocean of peaceful bright plains, 
And in the starlit, mysterious night, 
And in the silver-swung cradle of the waters, 

You have cast a longing everywhere.
You have spread your endless shadow in the world.
You are plaiting your gold-threaded web of stars,
You adorn night and strengthen life.

And lost in the ways of the world
I wander and search forlorn,
I heard your sweet-luminous voice,
I call you, but your name I do not know.




The Coming of Spring

With the fiery play of delicately scented flowers
The forest and ravine smile again, 
And the icy-babbling torrents
Greet me with merry laughter.

You've dressed up the plain, the forest, and mountain, 
Spring, you've kindled new life everywhere.
In my heart too, you've spread your wings, 
In my soul too, you've enflamed new love.

And here again joy is found, 
Escaped from the bonds of sad solitude,
Your bright eyes welcome me, 
And I can't contain my cry.

You've opened before me golden distances, 
You've blossomed in the mountain, in the forest,
           in the field.
Other songs resound in my heart—
Salutations, sun, salutations, spring...



Translated by Susan Barba. Published in Ararat, Summer 2006.

From volume 1 of Poems (1912), reprinted in Vahan Teryan, Erkeri Zhoghovatsu
[Collected Works]
, editor V. Partizuni, Erevan: Haypetrat, 1960, volume 1.