Title: I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems
Author: Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

These lines show Berssenbrugge to be a poet who favors the horizontality of long lines, the breathing room of white space, and prose-like cadences. She is a poet concerned with phenomena, natural and existential, and with thought, representation, audience, and forms of communication.
— From "Revealed", Boston Review, November 2006



Title: The Incentive of the Maggot
Author: Ron Slate

In contrast to the roar of oceans and economies, the technologies and information transfers that form the background of much of his work, Slate’s own voice is understated and, as he tells us, ‘in no hurry’.
— From "The Incentive of the Maggot", Boston Review, September 2009


Title: The War Works Hard
Author: Dunya Mikhail

Much of Mikhail’s work has the grammatical and ideological simplicity of the collection’s title, as if the book were an elementary school primer with war as its unlikely theme. Yet beneath this innocence is a deeply ironic and knowing subject, one whose praise-poetry is in fact subversive condemnation, as in the title poem, which begins: ‘How magnificent the war is/ How eager / and efficient!’ Alternating between journalistic reportage, parable, fable, and lyrical lament, Mikhail records the process of losing a country.
— From "The War Works Hard", Boston Review, March 2006